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my morning stretch routine

When stretching, use it as a time to slow and deepen your breath

When I first wake up, one of my favorite ways to get my body going in the morning is to practice self care through deep stretches. This sequence is targeted at improving blood circulation, moving out lymph matter and increasing energy.
I challenge you to use this routine or one of your own and try for morning stretches for one week. See if you notice a difference in your energy levels!



- Sitting down (or standing tall), bring hands over head, clasp hands up to sky – lengthen your spine as you breathe in and out 3-4 times

- Place hold left hand with right hand and gently arc over to the right side, lengthening your lats / underarm area making a half crescent moon shape
- Reverse, holding right hand in left and gently arc over to the left side.



Bring arms behind back, hands height of lower back. Clasp hands together and roll shoulders up and back, opening chest. After 3-4 breaths, relax.



Standing, spread legs wide nearly the distance of a yoga mat. Open arms up into T shape and gently twist to the left and right back and forth, opening up lower back and moving lymph matter.



- Come back to center neutral and slowly roll down leading with your head, vertebrae by vertebrae until your head and arms are hanging by the floor. Feel stretch in hamstrings, lower back.
- Bring hands towards the right foot, stretching left side of your torso, arms and legs.
- Bring hands towards the left foot, stretching the right side of your torso, arms and legs.
- Come back to neutral and slowly, gently, roll up.
- Bring legs back together and cross right leg in front of left leg, roll back down for a calf stretch and breathe for 3-4 breaths.
- Switch sides so that left leg is in front of right leg



- Come to a wall or stable support, placing hands against wall bring legs farther back and stretch back one leg then the other for a further Achilles stretch.
- Roll shoulders up and back twice. Roll neck to the left then to the right.

Want to know more simple and effective lifestyle or healthy and delicious recipes? Please feel free to send me a message about what you are interested in. I will share with you later.

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