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health coaching

"At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." 

Lao Tzu


Health coaching is a practice designed to support whole health transformations of individuals, families and communities. I focus on serving entrepreneurs, executives and moms and support women on their unique journeys towards health, happiness and self-expression. If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, learn about my doula services here .

Close your eyes and imagine your dream home. Your body is the foundation of the home, upon which your mind, the walls, are constructed and your spirit, the roof, is built. The coaching process is not unlike renovating a house to turn it into your dream home. 

Getting to the center of our being takes discipline and the path can be challenging especially if we go through it alone.

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As your coach, in a customized and holistic program we start by working together on practical and sustainable positive shifts in the physical body through diet, movement, sleep, breath and more.


Step by step, as your foundation becomes solid and you find energy levels increasing, we address the walls through mindfulness and meditation practices as well as working on areas within the Circle of Health


Along the way, we have opportunities to work together on spirituality, exploring energy healing, life purpose, clearing karma, and beyond.


Each individual I have worked with with has a completely unique experience based on where he/she is at and what type of dream home she seeks to build.



The Netherlands


"I am not really a diet person or even a very healthy eater to be honest. Lizzy made a big  change in my mindset by listening to me and adapting that in the customized food program she made for me. Making the joy you get out of food just as important as the healthiness of it! This made sticking to the program so much easier! Aside from that she is a wonderful and positive person that will not hold back on anything to achieve your goals together! Go for it and you will be amazed!"

United States of America


"Elizabeth is a rare gem of a holistic health coach! When I first met with Elizabeth I was struck immediately by the breadth and depth of her knowledge, not only about total wellness, but about the resources, tools, and community support available in my own backyard. She met me exactly where I was at at each twist and turn in my journey and was readily available to respond to my challenges in an insanely encouraging way. 

Elizabeth is a treasure trove of information, resources, and wisdom. If you’re ready for a life game changer, then I highly recommend you get a true master teacher and coach to help you become the captain of your own total wellness ship. Elizabeth is absolutely that person!"

South Africa


"My initial intention when approaching the beautiful Elizabeth, was to deal with gut health. Instead of immediately getting stuck into the gut & looking at the black and white, we took a magical journey in the grey area where we explored energy blockages and took the holistic approach to properly understanding me and why I might be feeling the way I was. 

In a few beautiful sessions I am seeing the world, my world, in a very different light. I am radiating an energy which people notice & comment on. I have shared, received, and explored more than I could have ever thought. I am properly, for real, falling in-love with myself, understanding my body and naturally my gut is making sense. I am beyond thankful and so grateful for the journey.  All of it." 



"Realizing that I had areas of opportunity with the way I was eating and what I was eating I turned to Lizzy for help on getting it right. Lizzy’s program, which we spent 10 sessions, analyzing my eating habits, where I source my food and when and how I intake food was eye opening during my journey with her. Lizzy helped me with real life tools and hacks to get into the regime of better nutrition and healthier lifestyle and even helped me understand that even some types of food were giving me allergies and we corrected those by substituting for other types of foods that allow me to be allergy free.

I would recommend anyone that is in the beginning of the Journey towards better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle to work with Lizzy"


As a Birth Doula, I am here to serve you with the highest level of pregnancy and birth support.


According to DONA International, a Doula is “a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.”

Through my training, I have witnessed first-hand that birth is a deeply spiritual, life changing experience that is best supported with a loving guide. As a Doula, I work with the expecting couple prior to labor and delivery to prepare a birth plan, share helpful resources and guidance. I also focus on preparing for postpartum - a time that can often feel blindsiding or unnecessarily difficult for new parents. 


Once labor begins, I am with the couple virtual or in-person to offer continuous emotional and physical support through delivery on baby.


We are in it together!


My intention is to guide women to develop their intuitive senses and body connection and to offer tools on the journey. In today’s highly medicalized atmosphere, childbirth can be a stressful and traumatizing for some; with the right support team, birth can be a deeply healing and beautiful experience.



As your coach, I am your biggest advocate, partner, and support. I am here to shine a light on your path inward and to share what nutrition and lifestyle practices will power your transformation to your best health and happiness.


As a passionate lifelong learner, I am here to share with you distilled, relevant and practical information and resources that I’ve collected through years of trainings, workshops and hands-on experience. 


You only get one dream home in this lifetime. My purpose is to help you to look and feel your best and to love the home you’re living in.


You deserve this!

to you...


If you’re interested in holistic health coaching: send a message to my wechat account < bylizzy > or email >


If you're interested in collaborating for an event, a retreat, an article, or to promote your brand to a community of wellness advocates: share your ideas via wechat < bylizzy

or email < >


I can also be reached via phone: +1 203-644-0551

let's connect



I am a holistic health coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. 

Through additional trainings, I have experience with endocrine and adrenal system support, fertility support, pre/postnatal health, and I draw heavily upon principles of whole foods, plant based lifestyle. Having lived in Shanghai for eight years, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy. I have also studied Ayurvedic Medicine through intensive yoga trainings.

Outside of nutrition coaching, I am a certified Yin, Prenatal and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Meditation Facilitator. I actively practice Siam Reiki energy healing, crystal therapy and Sound Healing Therapy. 


I create customised approaches to healthy and happy living through one-on-one highly intensive container work. Transformations are goal-orientated and involve a holistic approach to wellness including growth in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, sleep, stress management, relationships, career, spirituality, home environment and more.


Based on your unique needs and goals, I am here to support you and to share new concepts, frameworks and theories for making positive shifts in a digestible and accessible way. My approach is to take it step by step, one day at a time. My intention is for you to live your best life well beyond our coaching sessions, by eating well, having fun and living mindfully. No matter where you’re coming from, there is a positive path forward. 


A Dietician organizes food and nutrition plans and promote healthy eating habits to prevent and treat illness. Dieticians pass a nationally regulated exam and sometimes work off of lab testing, macro counting etc. 


A Therapist is a licensed mental health professional that uses a variety of techniques to support an individual resolve emotional conflict, traumas, transitions and more. The methods of therapy are numerous and sometimes are complimented with pharmaceutical drugs.


A Coach understands that we all have the answers within, however certain circumstances may make it difficult to access them on our own. As a coach, I act as a guide, a mentor and a safe support to help clients explore the possibilities within. Awareness is the first step towards making a shift. I provide resources, questions and challenges that allow clients to work sustainably towards reaching their goals. 


In my career as a Holistic Health Coach, I do not "fix" or "help". I hold space, provide resources, and support my clients as they uncover blocks within themselves which get in the way of the health and life they seek. 


My experience working with clients ranges. Some health challenges include weight management, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, thyroid conditions, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, IBS, and other digestive system dis-eases. 


I work with women as a Doula and have served with fertility optimization and pre/postnatal support. I passionately support women on their journeys to and through motherhood!


Stress management, increasing energy, and positive mindset are core elements in all of my work.


Although one consultation sessions and classes are beneficial for acute needs, my experience shows that the support and accountability that come from a sustainably paced longer-term coaching program leads to the greatest and most sustainable success for my clients. 


I work one-on-one to coach women in Container programs, which are four-eight or twelve months in duration. Within the Container, we meet over video or in person at regularly scheduled session times. The time between is intended for at home exercises, dietary changes and positive habit building work. During the Container, I am available 24/7 with loving support.


Sessions typically last for 60-75 minutes but vary depending on the type of session and content. Once in the Container, you are held unconditionally.


At present, I based in Valencia, Spain, and I have ties to New York City and Rincon, PR. Sessions are held in person or over zoom/wechat video chats.


My approach is customized to you, whether you’re focusing on autoimmune conditions, prenatal support, weight loss, weight gain, hormone balancing, digestive distress, improving your relationship with food, or another goal. I look at your health intentions holistically and we work together step by step to make small positive changes, which lead to breakthroughs and results. 


Sessions may include:

High mileage conversations

Goal setting exercises

Demos of mindful or wellness practices

Access to e-books, videos, articles, curated health information

Body work and movement

Reiki energy healing

Crystal work

Sound healing meditation

Cooking or food prep

Visits to markets

Gifted samples of foods or wellness items to try


Sessions always include: 

At-home exercises to practice between sessions

Relevant follow up information

Access to email, text or wechat for questions and support between sessions


Before I hired a coach of my own, I was pretty skeptical. What could she tell me that I wouldn’t be able to find on Google or in one of the many books in my library? As it turns out, the benefits of coaching have very little to do with supplying information. Google wins every time for that. 


Through my experience over the years with my health and life coaches, I’ve been able to break down limiting belief systems, unlock potential I did not know was within me and have opened my mind to new ways of living. I’ve gained my health, confidence and leadership skills. These are lasting changes that have raised the entire foundation of the way I live. The impact has been far greater than any of my past journeys down the rabbit hole of Google where I’ve made assumptions based on tidbits of information and left to hold myself accountable. 


In our coaching relationship, I am here to support you, and to hold you accountable. I am here to be your biggest advocate and to give tough love when it is needed. I open doors and guide you through to new possibilities. You are doing the work, but you aren’t alone on the journey. 


Coaching is for you if: 

- You are ready, willing and able to invest in making positive changes based on specific goals or intentions.

- You have the time and energy to devote to manageable daily practices between sessions.

- You have an open mind and heart to trial and success methods. You are ready to start to listen to your body and honor your needs. 

- You are open to the belief that you deserve to live your healthiest life and be your best self! 


Coaching is not for you if: 

- You are looking for a program focused on testing, lab data, calorie counting.

- You are looking for someone to “fix” or “cure” you.

- You are looking for someone to make meal plans for you.

- You do not have the time to meet regularly without disruptions. 

- You are unwilling to try new practices or let go of habits that do not serve you. 


If you are currently facing a life threatening disease, coaching can compliment the work of medical professionals or doctors. I commit to referring any clients who are facing challenges that I do not have the experience or expertise with. I have an extensive network of health coaches and medical professionals in Shanghai and beyond. If I am not the best coach for you, I will make this clear from the get-go and try my best to match you with the right person for your goals and needs. 


Let’s connect! Please click the link below to book an introductory call or schedule a full session. 


If you have questions, please send a message to the < @bylizzy > IG or email me at  I look forward to getting to know you!

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