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Through the lens of Gratitude, Life happens for you...

I Am Grateful Journal

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Do you want to feel more passion and purpose in your life? Do you desire to deepen your relationships with others and yourself? 


One simple yet powerful way to do this is through cultivating a practice of gratitude.


Research shows that gratitude and mindfulness bring countless health benefits including improved immunity, joy, resilience and longevity. By investing just five minutes of time each day, you will experience big shifts in your mindset and your life. Learn even more about gratitude in this short video.

The structure of I Am Grateful journal is an invitation to start your mornings with intention.


The journal offers a simple, easy-to-complete series of daily prompts to spark gratitude, joy and inspiration.


The exercises train our brains to stay present to the fact that we have so much around us that we can be thankful for, which is felt for the whole day, long after a five minute entry is complete! 

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The journal is hardcover yet lightweight and contains six months of pages with the following three key parts:

Daily - share gratitude, express affirmations (positive self-reinforcement), make a commitment for your top priorities, and answer a mindful question around caring for and being kind to yourself. 

Investment per day: 5 minutes 


Weekly - set your intentions for the week ahead, reframe past learnings and reflect on how you will spend your most precious resource – your time.

Investment per week: 10-15 minutes


Monthly - Take a pause and give yourself the gift of reflection and learn about yourself by looking inward with a series of questions and thought exercises. 

Investment per month: 20-30 minutes

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Note from Elizabeth: 

“Each element was thoughtfully incorporated based on feedback of hundreds of journal-ers as well as my own five years of experience keeping a gratitude journal. This journal has changed my life and revolutionized the way I see the world. My hope is that you too will have the chance to experience the incredible benefits in now and for the long-term.”


Jason, New York USA

Writing daily in the I am Grateful Journal has become one of my most grounding habits.  It helps me practice gratitude (which I think contributes to my overall happiness) ... Thanks Lizzy for creating such a helpful tool that has facilitated an overarching positive mind shift!

I started the gratitude journal this year in February and was amazed by the impact. Of course I had the feeling being thankful for the small little things in life before already but actively writing them down on a daily basis makes the difference... Now I’m already on the 2nd journal and am grateful for this experience and new habit.

I never thought I would make the time to practice gratitude / journal everyday, but I Am Grateful makes it easy and rewarding to take a moment that totally sets the tone for the rest of the day. I love the prompt to reflect on my own mentality every morning, the daily quotes or challenges...

Laura Louise, Germany

 Camden, Shanghai China


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1 for $28 / 2 for $50 /
3 for $72 / 4 for $92

Within US only Shipping (+$5.00)* Shipped Media Mail - for faster speeds please contact

Four Journals - $92

International Shipping starts at $20 - if you have an int'l address, we will reach out before we send!

Three Journals - US$72

Two Journals - US$50

One Journal - US$28



Gratitude is one of the most powerful, life-changing tools available to all of us. And the I Am Grateful journal makes it easy and fun to build up the daily practice.


If you seek to cultivate your own practice but are unable to afford the cost of a journal, please email to arrange a time to speak about receiving a gifted book.

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