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note from lizzy:
what's my morning routine?

My morning routine grounds me and sets me up for feeling on top of my game all day long. 

I feel best on the mornings when...

wake up without an alarm

brush my teeth

drink a cup of warm water of lemon

meditate for 10 minutes

write in my gratitude journal

feed my cat George

do a bit of stretching


head out the door- either to a yoga class or to my shop for a green smoothie and a coffee

These days, I am successful in these practices 4-5 mornings of the week. That said, since starting my business and having a less consistent schedule and more late nights, I have struggled to keep my morning routine daily.

Today, many people associate 'routine' with something ordinary, maybe even as boring or a drag. But developing a positive morning routine can serve as the foundation for a healthier and more productive day. Taken further, daily routines in work and at home significantly impact the direction and quality of your life. On the mornings that I wake up late and don't make (*not don't have) time to meditate or journal, I feel I am less focused and less patient.

My morning routine grounds me and sets me up for feeling on top of my game all day long. Having a sweat session in the morning, be it yoga or a run or another fitness class, is a great aid to my productivity and increases my energy levels.



If you set a goal to develop your own routine, the key is to start by integrating practices that are not extreme. If it is very arduous or time-consuming, chances are you won't continue past a week or two. Start simple: try adding in a morning lemon water or a 5-minute stretching session when you get out of bed. Don't start by scheduling in long runs if you are not normally a morning exerciser. If your goal is to begin daily meditation, use a guided meditation app like Calm or Headspace.

You can also prepare the night before. If your goal is to start the day with a healthy energizing breakfast, prepare your green smoothie and bottle it before you go to sleep.


You can also track your routine with a simple checklist or by keeping a journal. After a few weeks, the routine will get more established and become almost mindless. If you do fall off the wagon, don't stress or punish yourself.


Aim for progress, not perfection. Tomorrow is always a new day!

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