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- Sweat & Sparkle -
Event Recap

Experience life subtleties around you and be grateful for everything in your life.


On March 23rd, on the sun terrace at WeWork, we basked in the sun, sweat and unwound from our workday, and experienced magic sparkle labs to give our youth vigor!

Here are some beautiful moments from the “Sweat & Sparkle” community event!


Before starting the workout, let's eat some delicious snacks while strolling with Lizzy's mini smoothies, a magic blue smoothie bowl, beautiful yoga mats, healing crystals, and himalayan salt lamps. And so our journey began with a natural soft orange-pink atmosphere and energetic music!


Sparkle Lab


Are you sitting at your desk for too long and playing with your phone after work, and experiencing shoulder and neck pain? Find Greg for a soothing massage

Greg targets various acupuncture points and his unique skill, to help relax your muscles, activate collaterals, and alleviates body stiffness.

The magic bubble is full of mystery and fortune. Witch Tiffany Pattinson used her tarot card readings to forecast fortune and answered many mysterious questions.


A good eyebrow shape can change ones' appearance and give you confidenceboost, and the change is no less than plastic surgery! For those who love beauty, Browhaus' Classic Eyebrow Threading is the perfect choice to experience.

Yin & Singing Bowls

In a sea of Sugarmat yoga mats, Lizzy lead us into the world of yoga meditation. Immerse yourself and listen to your inner voice with Lizzy's singing bowls. Experience life subtleties around you and be grateful for everything in your life.


Core Blaster

Want to activate your core and feel like superwoman? The Core Blaster class from Body Blacksmith is the way to go!

Firstly, we analysed action to master the essentials. Then tried our best to challenge ourselves. Within 45 minutes of the core blaster,  our abs were pumped and we were sweating (SPARKLING) so much!!


We hope everyone enjoyed it and for those who missed out, don't worry!

We have more unique and fun events every month!


Stay tuned!

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