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In 2017 summer, Lizzy’s community went on a Mobike adventure ride and had a blast! Let’s take a look at our favorite moments in each stop.

1st Stop

DNA Coffit

A cup of DNA coffee was the perfect way to jump-start a fun-filled Saturday. After everyone got to know each other, Elizabeth led everyone to a relaxing guided meditation session on DNA Coffit’s one of a kind sand box.


2nd Stop

The Healthy Hub

After a 20-minute ride from Yuyuan to Shaanxi, everyone was starving! Thankfully, Happy Buddha was ready to refuel our bodies with yummy, healthy vegetarian comfort food!Perfectly paired with a bottle of Lizzy’s kombucha as a welcome drink.

Not only was this stop filling to the stomach, but it was filling for the entire body as everyone attentively listened to Sproutlifestyle’s Kimberly talk and tips on staying cool this summer.


3rd Stop

Anken Life

Last but definitely not the least, the tour ended at Anken Life which is the beloved home of our central kitchen. After a quick tour by Elizabeth, everyone punched their way through a Boxing 101 class from the Aboro Academy.


We hope everyone enjoyed it. For those who missed out, don't worry!

we have more unique and fun events every month!


Stay tuned!

- Shanghai Mobike City Ride -
Event Recap

Hop on the bike!

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